Pierre Bélanger

Admission to the Bar

Louise Trudeau
514.866.1008, ext. 221

Pierre Bélanger

Pierre Bélanger’s professional background showcases a wide range of skills, more particularly in the field of professional liability, in which he is considered to possess a key know-how.

He practiced his profession alongside major distinguished law firms until 1999, when he first launched a boutique firm in Montreal and then in Quebec in 2000. Jean-François Longtin joined his ranks in 2001 to form “Bélanger Longtin”.

His widespread experience in the fields of litigation, insurance and health law has led him to represent a large number of professionals in all lines of business as well as numerous institutions and hospitals, before disciplinary boards and civil Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

In recent years, he was asked to defend the interests of various professional bodies, including the Quebec Bar and the Ordre des dentistes. He was also involved in important construction and engineer liability matters.

His extensive court and mediation experience enables him to keenly focus on the plight of his clients, defining their expectations, targeting practical and suitable solutions conducive to a favourable outcome, while taking into consideration the reputation of the professionals at risk and the cost factor.

Academic Background

  • Partial education of a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Université de Sherbrooke (1980-1982)
  • Bachelor of Law (LL.L.), Université de Sherbrooke (1971)

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil and Professional Liability
  • Construction Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Health Law
  • Disciplinary Law

Honors and Associations

  • Defense Research Institute (D.R.I.)
  • Association of Defense Trial Attorneys (A.D.T.A.)
  • Mention Repeatedly Recommended bestowed by LEXPERT
  • Emeritus of the Fondation du Barreau du Québec

Conferences and Publications


  • Co-author, ”Sur la voie d’une réforme, l’expertise commune: utopie ou panacée?” published in “La responsabilité médicale”, Éditions Yvon Blais ,Vol. 14 (2012)
  • L’Accès aux renseignements confidentiels: un privilège abusé”, Revue Artère, Association des hôpitaux du Québec, in collaboration with Me. Suzanne Benoit (June 1993)

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  • La responsabilité civile du médecin expert”, Société des médecins experts du Québec, “Bulletin de la Société des médecins experts du Québec”, Vol. 9, No. 1 (April 1992)
  • Bulletin de gestion des risques du Programme de gestion en responsabilité de l’Association des hôpitaux du Québec”, Summary of a Supreme Court of Canada Judgment in C.H. Le Gardeur, et al. vs. Lapointe, decision February 1992, “L’Événement”, Vol. 5, No. 1, in collaboration with Me. Joann Zaor (July 1992)


  • Are the Louisiana Civil Code and the Quebec Civil Code Distant Cousins or Accidents of History?”, Association of Defense Trial Attorneys Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States (April 2012)
  • Développement législatif depuis Camden-Bourgault”, Presentation before the Canadian Bar Association (October 2011)
  • “Beer, Scotch, Tea or Wine: The Other  Civil Law System ”, Association of Defense Trial Attorneys Annual Meeting, St. Andrews, Scotland (May 2019)

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  • La pratique de la responsabilité médico-hospitalière au quotidien”, Master’s Degree Students Conference, Health Law, Law Faculty, Université de Sherbrooke (May 2000)
  • Indemnisation des dommages corporels”, Presentation to the Institut d’assurance de dommages du Québec, (2000)
  • Le préjudice corporel: L’indemnisation de la victime mineure”, in collaboration with Me. Éliane-Marie Gaulin, Insight Conferences (January 1996)
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